Charts per meter

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Charts per meter

Beitragvon Jeetje » Do 18. Jan 2018, 10:58

I have 5 meters:
Electricity day (KWh)
Electricity night (KWh)
City heating (GJ)
Hot water (M³)
Cold water (M³)

The line chart shows them all in one graph. Due to the fact that the units are very different (M³ vs KWh) the water charts are horizontal near 0.
If the charts were shown per meter, details would be much better visible.

Thanks & best regards,

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Re: Charts per meter

Beitragvon Airrud » Do 18. Jan 2018, 18:30

Hi Jan,
try the „Select Meter“ screen on iPhone or button on the iPad.

Regards, Matthias

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