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von Jeetje
Do 18. Jan 2018, 10:58
Forum: Feature requests
Thema: Charts per meter
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Charts per meter

I have 5 meters: Electricity day (KWh) Electricity night (KWh) City heating (GJ) Hot water (M³) Cold water (M³) The line chart shows them all in one graph. Due to the fact that the units are very different (M³ vs KWh) the water charts are horizontal near 0. If the charts were shown per meter, detail...
von Jeetje
Do 18. Jan 2018, 10:45
Forum: Feature requests
Thema: Prefill with calculated reading value
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Prefill with calculated reading value

Hi, I have used the Dutch app MyUse in the past, but exporting and importing did not work so I lost everything when upgrading my iPhone. One very good thing about MyUse however, was predicting the readings based on historical readings. Is it possible for you to add this feature? Thanks a lot! Best r...

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